I used to be an instinct person. I used to use arguments based on my faultless instinct. My choices were based on it; most of my decisions. I think I have the tendency to over or under-estimate my power. Or instinct in this case. It seems now that I can never be sure of the things I can or can’t do. Who am I to trust me anyway.

Lesson one: Focus. On something. Anything.

Writing helps. Writing helps. It helps. It does. Help.

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If you feel like talking I am all ears (and eyes)! Literally! I am a physically deformed person and have ears (and eyes) all over my body... or not!

Based on the things you have written in this post yu seem disappointed with yourself! You also seem to feel that you are not in control of things!

Anything I can do for you?

Based on your comment you seem to know everything. Don't you.

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