I would like to go on a daytrip; it doesn't matter if it's not somewhere special, just with good company. Every time I wake up and the weather's warm that's all I can think about. So I'm about to have a huge problem since I suppose it aint going to rain anymore.
I think I used to be more talkative at some point. But circumstances have changed. Changed my needs perhaps.
No, no my needs do exist. Maybe I'm becoming more selective with the things I share, or the time I share them. I'm not becoming secretive. Just self-contained maybe.
I don't like how this creepy crawly is crawling its way into me.

I dont understand.
Try english.
I cannot condemn myself to a life of worthlessness.
And what do you do. What do you do.
Αμαν ρε Δρακουλίνα

I'm not a fairy. Nor model-like. Nor angel in disguise. I'm not a femme fatale. I would never destroy a man. I think I'm sweet, and occasionally attractive. Not without make up though, no. you wouldn’t see me at the supermarket in my sweatpants and fall in love with me. Nuh-uh. Most of my boyfriends wanted me back and some have fought for it for a period longer than the one we were actually together. Most of have probably found someone else, someone better. Even if they don’t believe so it’s because I’d lured them into believing I’m perfect. That’s possibly the one thing I’m really good at. And that’s why I never let them back. Cos my imperfections have now become uncontrollable. I can act rather compellingly and cover it all up in formal situations. When things are calculated and predictable. In the rest, I mostly suck. So no, I cannot compete.