Taste of your drug.
Sip of my drink.
A knife. A gun. A rocket.

Don't let the beast sate.

- Don't expect me to care about the fact that you think I'm a wasted slut. After all you're just an arrogant dick.

- Everything seems so stupid when picturing things in still images.

- I haven't yet had a decent ice cream. Wait, not even a crappy one. For some reason, this summer, the idea of it is only within a picture of a couple walking by the beach with ice creams in their hands. And a balloon.

- Hooray for the World Cup. The only thing that kept me going until the summer.

Τζείνον που μπαίνει τζι εν λαλεί με γειa σου με καλώς τον
στο παναύριν έπαρτον τζι' όσα σου δώκουν, δως τον
Τζιαι τζείνον που τον σιερετάς τζιαι εν σου πολοάται
στο παναύριν χάριστον αν δεις πως εν πουλιέται.

Wanna find me someone to sing this to