I catch myself observing young couples with children and wondering: Do they seem happy? Do they seem like they’re having sex? Obviously, they’ve had some in order to have children. I look at their posture, trying to figure out their body language, how they look at each other. That’s it? Have they fulfilled their lives now? Do they exchange loving looks? Or just bored ones. Have the women become fat and ugly? And what about the men; do they stare at me? Do they give me weird looks? For reasons I haven’t yet realised it seems that I attract married men. I suppose they don’t get laid enough. Or they’ve become bored of their wives or fed up with their family life. And what about the other ones. People I didn’t know had kids and suddenly I see them walking along holding hands with their little creatures. They’re parents? Wow. I didn’t see that coming. Now they’re just, well, ordinary people who wanted to have a family. It is utterly strange how creatures created out of sex and passion can actually destroy these. I must have read this somewhere.