People enter your life unexpectedly; most of the times they’re even uninvited. They come and go throughout your life. If you’re lucky enough some of them stay. But most of the times nobody does. You’re left with memories; memory is a painful thing. Sometimes I think of all the people I’ve come across to all these years. People I’ve even forgotten, people who might have forgotten me. People I’ve shared things with; moments, memories. The friends I got drunk with, the friends that drove me home, the friends that shared their last cigarette at the crack of a summer dawn, the ones that called every day just to say hi, the ones that never called. Gone. You cannot help but invest in new people. The wolf pack instinct I call it. I never wanna see them again, you know. I am curious about what they’ve done with their lives and how they’ve managed but I never wanna see them again. What we once were has forever ended and there’s no reason for bringing it all back. Just two different lives that were at some point travelling on the same highway.

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