I was about to move. And then I stopped.
I was about to stop. And suddenly I moved a little.
How can my expectations grow and shrink at the same time?
They grew for today I found out I should come to terms with my needs. And they shrank for this means I have nothing more to hope for; nothing to negotiate, nothing to change.
So I just accept me the way I am. I take me for granted. I remain faithful to what I’ve been so far.
Or I just learn by heart a new poem.

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Take it easy. Easy does it.

learning a new poem's always a nice way to "move" or "stand still" ;-)

accept who you are yes. don't change youself though. no need to. if someone tells you otherwise I'll come and kick their bony-ass. :P

Όντως, ο πρώτος άνθρωπος που παίρνουμε για δεδομένο, είναι ο ίδιος μας ο εαυτός.

Εν εκαρτέρουν ποττέ ότι έσιει αθρώπους που ξυπνούν το πρωί τζιαι θκιαβάζουν με...ενόμιζα ότι εν μόνο τη νύχτα που βαρκούνται. :)

Dear takeiteasy, I wouldnt expect anything less from you.

Lucrezia είσαι διαθεσιμη μόνη για bony-asses ?

Evro μπορεί να τζιαι το ζητούμενο όμως τούτο. No?

Αθκιασεροί μάνα μου, αθκιασεροί.


μα το να εύρεις ποιός είσαι? ναι ες αεί !

το να καθησυχαστείς ότι τούτος είσαι j δεν μπορείς παραπάνω, μάλλον όι !

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