I've put a poster on a wall.
I've made some crafts.
I've been trying to shop for winter.
I've been thinking of buying a purple pen.
I've been trying to find the time to go to the doctor.
And in the meantime I've been trying to understand what is still wrong.

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Αναφορικά με τι?

ive had a poster of uma thurman in pulp fiction since 2005 in each house ive lived.

i love crafts! what have you made?

me too, it seems impossible to find smth i like...

me 2, i cancelled my previous appointment and never rescheduled... :S

what is wrong? there is nothing wrong!!!

Αναφορικά με τα πάντα Ina.

:) Moonlight αρέσκει μου που απαντάς σε ούλλα.
Something must be wrong πάντως. Something.

Τον Δεκεβρη στο γυναικοπαζαρο ρε Δρακουλινα

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