My dreams got an upgrade.

-Marlene Dietrich (can’t remember exactly what she was doing in that dream) I knew her, that’s for sure.
- Back to school. For some peculiar reason I was forced to go back to primary school and sit down on little chairs behind little desks with little people around me. It was some kind of punishment for a reason I cannot remember -again. I do remember the teachers were a bit sympathetic though especially during the drawing classes. Yeah, I was too talented for that.
-Wedding proposal. And strangely enough I was happy. I think I even had a drop of happiness on me when I woke up.

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You got those on tape? TV is shit tonight.

lol o passenger.δρακουλίνα ήσουν υπό την επήρρεια αλκοόλης εν εξηγείται διαφορετικά τούτο ούλλο

Τζιαι νηφάλια τα ίδια θωρώ daffodil. Μεν σου πω τζιαι σιειρόττερα.

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