I cannot understand how there can be so many difficulties when it comes to two people being together. And I cannot understand whether they ever end. And say I am, I stand, at the point of departure for a journey stress-free, obstacle-free. Say I am standing right there. And the road behind me has been rough and bumpy. I can run towards the forest, I can get lost into 'the heart of darkness'. I can. I could. And then there's the road ahead. No sign to lead my way, no one passing by to inquire about directions. It's just there, a road in front of me waiting to be walked. I cannot remember how exactly I've ended up on this road. I only remember I kept on walking and running it in the hope that something was waiting for me on the other end. Because I once believed that the road led to a meadow where the smell of lemon trees would force its way up my nose, through my fingertips.

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Δηλ. αυτό το δρόμο τον περπάτησες ξανά και ξέρεις που καταλήγει?

I've walked it again but I never got to the finish line. All I say is that I'm hoping.

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