I hate birthdays and Christmas for the same reason. I feel the need to set my resolutions for the following year. Yeah, I know, it's mainly a New Year's thing but I do seem to feel the same stress on my birthday.

There is something wrong with my laptop's speakers -there's this annoying static sound- so I can't watch any of the series I wanted to watch during the holidays.
I also haven't still made the brookies I bought all the ingredients for. It's a combination of brownies and cookies. I'm sure it sounded more appealing when I first read it.

So, basically there's nothing wrong with Christmas. If you are a housewife and/or have a child and your house smells like freshly baked cookies or brookies or whatever.
So. I first need to have a child and then bake the cookies.
Inescapable. That's what resolutions are.

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resolutions εν πελλάρες, εγώ δεν τα τηρώ, δεν βάλλω.
Τα Χριστούγεννα τζαι τα γενέθλια πρέπει να δίνεις τζαι να πιάνεις αγάπη, έννεν απαραίτητο να είσαι housewife ή mother (τούτο με τα πισκόττα προσπερνώ το, άμαν εν σου περνά εν σου περνά - εμένα δηλαδή!)
Χρόνια πολλά dear, εύχομαι σου αγάπη πολλή να σε πελλάνει! :)

Χρονια πολλα με υγεια τζιαι αγαπη.

Χα, τέλειο. Happy new year!

Στόχοι/παροδοχές. :)
Βάζω τωρά πότε τα κάνω ή αν τα κάνω είναι άλλο θέμα. Με βοηθούν να πηγαίνω πάρακατω.
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