I haven’t yet mastered the art of putting my shield up at the right time. 
I’m talking about the shield that ricochets bullshit from random people. I’m working on it. Meanwhile, I’ve been exploring how crappy the welcome party to parenthood is. 
I’m talking about the party thrown by other parents. 
Yes, I need to make myself clearer now. It’s the tiredness. 

It seems that parenthood as a brand new, virgin territory is the jugular which senior ranking parents go for to diminish the hell out of you.
Not good enough. Not caring enough. Not motherly (never fatherly) enough.
You’re too independent. Too self-absorbed. Too happy even.

I’ve met parents who are having a blast - born to do this apparently. The happiest people on earth. Making it all seem like Disneyland; realistically chaotic yet fucking amazing.
And I’ve met parents who absolutely hate it. Hate it to the core but can’t admit it. Interesting species.
And then there are the other ones. The monstrosities. Worthless and miserable. With nothing to exhibit but their biological ability to procreate, they adopt a strenuously unabashed stare at everyone else. So much fun when you shock them or an utter disgust if you fail to spot them soon enough.

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I'll take your word for it

Ανώνυμος είπε...

It doesn't matter what other think about you when:
1. it's not true
2. it wont help you grow, get better
3. they have no idea what you want from life

No shields needed. Filtering required!
Be good. g.

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