I blame me, for being an outcast.
On normality. by Δρακουλίνα

I've never considered myself normal. In fact, I always saw me as rather insane or paranoiac. I believe it is the mechanism of my thoughts that drove me towards that conclusion. I think; unstoppably. I analyse; inevitably deep. And there are just times I am so sick and tired of it, there are times I just need to sleep, times I just need to stop thinking.

I've never considered myself normal. Normal people don't hear voices. They are not depressed for no reason, they don't feel alone when the whole world is throwing a party. And if nothing else, normal people don't think of killing other people.

I've never considered myself normal. Define normality. We label things and attitudes and behaviours as normal judging by our own standards; for what is different is abnormal. Not extraordinary nor remarkable.

I've never considered myself a normal person. I don't think that people consider me one either. Where's the controversy then?
Bring it on.

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ωραία αυτά που λες.

κάποτε, το μυαλό σου θα σταματήσει να αναλύει και να βασανίζεται και απλώς θα ζει.

τι να κάμουμε δεν έχουμε πάντα αυτά που θέλουμε και αυτούς που μας ταιριάζουν.

το να είσαι νορμάλ έσιει σχέση με την κοινωνία στην οποία ζεις και είναι αρκετά σχετικό

Yeah but if you are hearing voices you might consider seeking a consultation about it

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