I need you to be noisy. Really noisy.
Cos I'm about to go quiet and I need you to bring me back.
This is my time now and I need you to do it.
Or else it's just not fair.
I need you to look after me. I need you to make sure I'm always here.
I need you to keep talking to me. To make sure I don't fall asleep.
I'm about to fall. Fall hard.

3 σχόλια:

Hell no I'm not ready

Ε.... όχι στα ναρκωτικά...



Ναι στα ναρ.... εεε... ούτε;

Ποίηση, θα δοκιμάσουμε ποίηση...

Γκουχ, γκουχ.

Fall you May
or June or July...
You're looking for crutches
& I have to ask "why?"

It appears that the noise
you so blatantly seek
is just making it easy
for the silence to peak.


Have a better one.

Relax Mouflon, this aint supposed to be talking about drugs. Besides, I've better things to be addicted to.
The poem? Hmm. Like.

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