People tend to avoid touching your wounds either out of disgust or out of fear. Both disgust and fear appear as defensive strategies, however, they seem to me entirely different. Spare me your revulsion. But I'd take your fear.

Θέλω δουλειά. Τζιαι σπίτι.

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The only reason I can think for touching any of your wounds, would be while trying to heal them.

If you promise me that you can heal your wounds on your own, or for some twisted reason you like them so much that you want to live with them, then I promise to you that I will give my fear for you to take.

But if for some reason I happen to touch any of your wounds by accident and without your explicit consent, then please be merciful and forgive me... and start thinking of ways of how I can make it up to you!!!!!

Hbramen ta?

Δρακουλίνα είπε...

I don't like it when people come too close. I get weird. And I am twisted.

Ένιξερω. Ήβραμεν τα;

Force fields, insecurities, fear of being hurt?

This does not make you weird.

Twisted? I guess this makes two of us :)

The way I see it is that no matter what one does, he will never be able to break through that force field on his own.

You will have to shut it down and let him in.

Therefore you guys will have to take it slow.

And feel free to push the other person back whenever you feel that his behaviour is being transgressive. If he truly loves you then he will try his best to undestand you. No matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes.

The rules are there for you to set. But remember that slowly slowly you will have to start relaxing those rules. But you can do this on your own pace.

Also please try to remember that the other person is human too and can be hurt. Not very often and not very easily... after all he is a guy and is supposed to be strong and tough but there is a pretty good chance that he might be one of those sweet sensitive brutes.

And yes... Ήβραμεν τα!

p.s. I would like to go out one of these days and get another flower to gift to you. Can I?

Δρακουλίνα είπε...

Εφοήθηκεν σε το μάτι μου α

The drama!

@ Drakoulina - I hope you like it! :)

@ The Passenger - You are just being jealous because no one is giving u any flowers! :)

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