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I started smoking again. My doctor says I shouldn’t be smoking if I’m taking the pill but I keep saying he’s overreacting. A baby is the last thing I need right now. No, it’s not the last; it’s not even in the don’t-want list. It’s beyond the list, it’s not a possibility, it’s not a thought.

Ok people I need to keep myself busy. I’m not sure how exactly but I need to find something that makes me creative or keeps me busy and focused and not bored.

Σήμερα γιορτάζει ο Ανεμπόδιστος. What the fuck ας πούμε

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ΟK, had the same issue with smoking and the pill. The pill won. I do smoke occasionally, but its not a big problem as im still youuuungggggg..... (for like 3-4 more years)


That's exactly my point, Moonlight. I still have some years left to smoke frivolously right?

Is there anything you'd like to share about the pill?

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