I decided not to care. And calm my anger. It’s as if I’m the only one who’s getting angry here. So why bother? Doesn’t mean I will make it; doesn’t mean I won’t.

I’m hearing the bells again. Ringing. Ringing. Ringing perfectly orchestrated in every word.

It’s only when I’m sleeping that everything’s so brighter and fine.

But I don’t get sleepy these days. I only do it from force of habit.

I’d like things to be simpler this time. Less extraordinary. Yes, I can live with less extraordinary. I start remembering things you know and I get angry at that stupid insecure creature. I’ve noticed I tend to change my belly ring every time I end something or start something new. I had my last one on for nearly a year I think. Maybe more. I have now discovered a quite different one, long forgotten. I know I’ve been snobbish against that quiet but I have managed to acknowledge the importance of a healthier breathing organism. I hope you can follow this.

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Who are you?

Just a soul whose intentions are good

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Haha εν την ήξερα τούντην εκτέλεση για να είμαι ειλικρινής :)

Έχεις δακτυλίδι?

Belly ring Ina

Πιιιιι, επήεν αλλού ο νους μου! Ήταν επίπονο να το αποκτήσεις?

Αναρωθκιούμαι πού :)
Not really. The healing it's trickier.

The Passenger είπε...

I can imagine a few places re Drakoulina

Hee hee

Ενόμιζα ενόμισε like a ring ring, I didnt mean...aaah forget it :)

Ok ok I will forget it :)

Δακτυλίδη στομάχου.Καληνύχτα σας.

Αααααα :)
Καληνύχτα !

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