I'm positive there have been several analyses on this subject matter but I'd sure like to make my contribution.
Briefly, I think I can divide male Cypriot students I came across into the following categories:

1. The bearded χώρκατος:
Just to be crystal clear, χώρκατος is always in terms of behaviour and not of origin. This species is one of the most ubiquitous and easily recognised around the UK. They're generally organised in flocks and enjoy displaying their expertise in gibbering. All other species don't really pose a threat for this one here since the bearded χώρκατος tends to ignore the presence of others. What is important here to note is the fact that they frequently carry along with them all kinds of delicacies from their country, typically carefully packaged by their (not usually bearded) mother. One of the most characteristic example of this species I came across was even carrying tsamarella, pastellaki and anari. I was almost sure that he tried carrying a πάττιχος too but couldn't fit it in his luggage.

2. The just-finished-my-training-in-the-army guy:
Definitely a bearded χώρκατος wannabe. This species is usually a newbie and has accumulated enormous amounts of frustration during his previous 2-year confinement in the army. He therefore wants to drink till he drops, party and in some cases “να γνωρίσει εγγλεζούες τζιαι να περάσει καλά” clearly because he thinks he is a hunk and they are that desperate.

3. The I-hate-newbies guy:
Probably the only guy that is possible to be mistaken for a person you can hang out with. He is usually a 3rd year undergraduate or working on his master degree and likes to feel he’s renounced his past as a member of the two previous categories. You might spot him socialising with other nationalities but it won’t be long before he embraces his old flock-mates.

P.S. I am currently observing female Cypriot students and awaiting for the results.

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