I bet you miss me

Every single time

I bet you desperately check your mobile every morning looking for my ‘goodmorning message’

I bet you even check your email inbox sometimes hoping I may have lost your number in the process of changing devices

I bet you still sleep on the left side of the bed feeling I’m on the right against the wall

I bet you miss fucking me and you sweat dripping all over my body

I bet...I bet that there are nights when you pour a glass of wine -it’s white aint it- and you put that music on your stereo

I bet you can’t listen to that song without thinking of me

I bet you still remember the day I told you about it and how you hated it at first but somehow it came up to be one of your favourites

I bet you miss my kisses

I bet you miss touching my hair

I bet you miss my tongue travelling across your body

I bet you miss every fucking bit of me.

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