Days like this, I let myself stumble on my insecurities. And so it begins: I get lost somewhere in that part of my mind I don’t like visiting; I get sad and disappointed and desperate and angry. I get trapped. And all I think about is ‘if’ and ‘why’ and ‘how’ and I end up missing the point. The real point. Or diminishing the importance of it. And then I fight and argue and cry. I don’t know if I’m a drama bitch (for queen is something I definitely aint) but I never seem to let them go, my insecurities that is. Why oh why oh why the hell? It’s as if I can trust no one. As if there’s always in the back of my mind the thought that they are playing with me, that they will eventually hatch out a plan against me and I will curse myself for trusting them. Yeah, I know, trust issues. I think I can’t accept that people are not two-faced; I just can’t buy it. Then again, I see things you can’t see; but they’re not always there.

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The Passenger είπε...

What defines a bitch then?


With your definition all women are bitches.

So no need to explicitly call yourself as such


Hmm my definition of bitches doesnt necessarily coincide with your definition of women, you know. At least I dont consider all women cunning.

Interesting to know your definition of women, Passenger. I bet the girls will love it.

Makes me wonder, though...

The Passenger είπε...

They won't love it as much as they love calling themselves bitches though


Oh well. You can win this time.
But you did get me misunderstood, just so you know.

The Passenger είπε...

I'm just jesting, no worries.


I like this word.Sounds so....medieval.And I think this is the first time I've actually wrote it down.

I like it when this happens

Well then I'm glad I make you write new words.
This means I exercise your linguistic capacity.
Hooray for me

The Passenger είπε...

Somehow I don't believe you are


Oh yeah, I can see why, I didn't put a smiley

:) :) (see? now I am)

The Passenger είπε...


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