I’ve been wondering for the last couple of days; about bloggers. What kind of people are they?

Are they people who need to communicate? Are they people who feel an urge to communicate with other people out there? They need the feedback, don’t they? They need the interaction, right? Are they lonely people? With no friends at all; or with a few. Or are they those people who have dozens of ‘friends’ but somehow they feel that something’s missing? That there’s a kind of communication they can’t possibly have with them and so search for it elsewhere? Are they happy people? Do they laugh a lot? Are they everyday people? Could they be people I already know but don’t like? Do they keep secrets? Do they let people know they’re blogging? Are they busy people or do they just make the time to blog as a form of self-treatment? Do they bang their heads in the club and then go home and blog? Are they sociable? Or are they loners? Do they have issues? Are they narcissists? Do they want to show off? Do they need to project themselves in a way they haven’t done yet? Are they claiming their voice? Is blogging a need for them or a habit? Can I recognize them when I see them? Are they like a boring friend who agrees with everything you say and lashes out at blogging? Are they mostly scientists or theorists? Do they talk to friends and then repeat themselves in a blog? And do they like Twix?

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I like Twix.

For a moment there I thought that you only read the last line.

It was the easiest question to answer

I liked this post. Puts a lot into perspective.

Hope you have a nice weekend

Thank you tink.
You too :)

There are so many people in your post! It's a god damn crowd.

Go away people! Go away!

Haha :)
Ok, now you are being nasty


twix rules.
τα υπόλοιπα ρώτα μας τα ένα ένα, εν τα θυμούμαι!

Yeah :)
Erm they're right above actually

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