If you (feel that you) know what's right for you although with a quite high risk and if everybody else thinks you're wrong...Well, what is it that you do? Fuck 'em all?

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Αν απλά ακολουθήσεις το ένστικτο σου? Τζι' αν τελικά είσαι λάθος, η ζημιά ενναν ανεπανόρθωτη?

Depends on who everybody else is and how well they know what goes on in you.

Keep in mind that we never know what's right for us.

We just guess and hope we got it right.

Every decision

everything we choose

has a consequence

whether we win or lose

But sometimes


The greatest risk of all…

…is never taking one at all

Η ζημιά έννεν ποττέ ανεπανόρθωτη υποθέτω...

Τζιαι everybody else is, well, peple who actually know me.
And if we just guess and hope we got it right...wouldn't that apply for 'everybody else' too? Couldn't they just be guessing and hoping it's right for me?

It doesn't matter what other people think or feel. The decision is up to you to make. No one, but no one can decide for you. What does your heart tell you? What do you really want to do? Make the decision that will make you feel happy.

They are guessing too.

But their guesses may be based on aspects of yourself that you are not aware of.

Major changes in life employ two kinds of risks.

First it's the circumstantial ones.

For example, you go abroad hoping to get a job somewhere that pays well. Given the complexity of the socio-economic framework that dictates job availability in that country you might get the job and you might not but mostly it's beyond your control.So whether the decision was right or wrong does not depend on you.

Then there are the psychological ones.Say you have a fear of commitment or a fear of stability or something like that. You go abroad and manage to get a job but because of that you quit after six months because you feel that your job turned out more boring than you thought or that it turns out that life in that country was not as good as you hoped. Consciously you might be blaming the country or the job so you might think that the fact that the decision didn't end up well was not because of you. But if the problem is psychological then the reality is that the decision ended up wrong because of you.

The more you are aware of yourself and what goes on inside you then the chance that the decision you take is the right one goes up.

That's all we can do - minimise the probability of error.

So, coming to the start of the comment, the more views about yourself you obtain from people who know you, the better you can see yourself and the more chance you have of making the right decision.

I mean, I think.
I'm not an expert on these things.

Thanks P
I may not like everything you're saying but it still helps. I think. I'll think about it...

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