I’ve been counting.
Last night I was so absorbed with the project that I didn’t see the fight coming. It’s usually when you least expect it that these things happen I guess. I’m tired of having fights with friends. I’m in an age when I want to enjoy my friends and I want them to understand me without having to talk too much; I’m expecting it and demanding it, at least from some people. And I’m not that old but friendships have treated me bad -and I’ve returned the badness- so I’m pretty tired now. I am aware of the fact that I’m keeping people away, but sometimes I’m afraid I’m insensitive enough to let the ones I have go away.

Just remembered. I used be accused of being too insensitive some time ago. Once, someone even called me ‘queen of ice’. Then after that, I was accused of being way too sensitive and touchy. I know I’ve changed but it’s the people I have around me that have changed the most. Back to the fight, I don’t wanna handle it. Cos if I do, I’ll be bad at it.

In the end, I’m not sure if I should expect people to understand my weirdness and just go with it or if I should adjust my weirdness when it comes to (certain) people.

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You'll still keep your weirdness but you'll be able to run tests with it and see what works best. Sometimes, expecting people to understand your weirdness maybe asking too much of them, even if they are quite decent.

Thank you. You couldn't imagine how badly I needed this.

No worries.

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