My dear nothing,
I need you to go. I'm broken. And he aint interested in fixing me right now. He is busy booking tickets. Oh, sorry, that is 'tickeT'. No -s there. And I tried, you know, I tried to tell him today that I need something, you know, just a little bit of the thing, and he got angry instead. I'm almost sure he actually said 'is this the way you're being helpful?'. Helpful. No, I aint helpful, I know that. Helpful is something I never am actually. He's even comparing websites for the cheapest tickeT at the moment. 'The one you told me aint the cheapest as you claimed'. Ok then. I aint helpful. I am selfish and an attention freak. No, you didn't say that but that's something I can figure out on my own. So I guess he's booking the ticket by sunday. And of course, I aint gonna say something cos that mean I aint gonna be helpful. Oh, and I shouldn't look sad either. Let me add this to my list. Don't look sad. Check. I think I'm starting to look suspicious now. I have to stop, don't I ?

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If I may ask, how did you jump to the conclusion that he got angry?

Also, if I may say so, have you considered that he doesn't like it when your sad because he loves you and cares for you and wants you to be happy?

I find your writing captivating.

I -

I can't really explain why that is.

Anger is most often something unambiguous Ululant

Best compliment by far. Considering the fact its coming from you. Thanks P

Sometimes the degree of ambiguity of something can be subject to... subjectively ambiguous interpetations.

Um... I am getting too ambiguous here ain't I?

In any case... my motto for this sort of situations is... "If you can't join them on the trip then make them feel guilty about it and ask them to bring you a present instead"

... I hope this helps

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