I need a back-up plan. I thought I had one but back-up plans don't work here.
I need to watch some films I think I just never seem to find the right time. I like talking about them so I like having someone to watch them with me. So I don't watch films nowadays.
It's as if that one lost its shine as well. And I hate it.

Yeah, talking about all other shit apart from that does help. I've nearly managed to believe it didn't happen to me but to someone else and I just happened to stumble across this story somehow.

So it's just you girl. You against the world. Again.

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Watch the films anyway.

Tell others to watch them

And then you can talk about them

I don't have any friends who'd like to watch them.

Unless someone offers to watch them.

Name a film

You like Argento? :)

I don't know him/her


Μα μις, ο Argento είναι κάτι παραπάνω από splatter :)

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