I've been smoking like half a packet a day and I've been drinking like a first-year uni student who's finally away from home. I suck. And I think you can know when I enter the room from the wonderful smell of my half packet. The good thing is that nearly none of my friends smoke or drink irresponsibly so they will probably either get me to quit and embrace a smokeless life or at some point hit me in the face to ‘pull yourself together’ woman
Buddies for drinks? I’ll bring the tequila. I’ll drink it too.

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The Passenger είπε...

Yeah, I wouldn't mind a tequila. But without the stench of cigarettes :)

:) Yeah, I figured out you'd be a no-smoking guy

ferno to poto mou j to paketo mou.. pou na ta pioume :)

Ευπρόσδεκτη... :)

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