Today I was told "you won't find what you're looking for in Cyprus; not here where the people are so stilted".
Some days ago I was told "facebook is the way to flirt nowadays; it doesn't matter that you don't like it, that's what people do if they want to meet someone".
So I'm either migrating or making a facebook account.

It just occured to me. Μπορεί να μεν έβαψα τις κουρτίνες στο χρώμα που μίσουσε αλλά έβαψα τα νύσια μου. Τζιαι παν μου.

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Εν έχω σκοπό να φλερτάρω ΠΟΤΤΕ που το fb. Θεωρώ ότι μπορεί να το κάμνει κάποια 13χρονη, 15χρονη, άτε 17χρονη. Εν νομίζω ότι εν νορμάλ να το κάμει κάποιος μεγαλύτερος. Πολλά sad πράμαν.
Καλά έκαμες. Με γειά τζαι να τα σhαίρεσαι. Εν νοιώθεις καλλύττερα τωρά; :)

Sad and lame.
I wish doing my nails was all I needed to feel better.
It's something όμως έννεν. Thanks.

Οι, κάμνουν το τζιαι πιο μεγάλοι and they do meet people and they do end up fucking together.

Sad or not :)

Εν αμφισβητώ ότι το κάμνουν.
I'm just saying that I consider it lame.
Sad in terms of communication issues, not the fucking part.

Now, what's the smile doing there...?

I'm slightly insane - I don't need justification for smiling

Oh ok. I thought you were blushing.

Nah. The conversation is not one to blush

And would one to blush be about?

I'll let you know when I can think of one

I like that :)

Να εισηγηθώ(ο μούρμουρος!!)γυμναστήριο αντί του fb. Το τερπνό μετά του ωφελίμου!! Καλή μέρα να έχεις.

dudess...εμένα η ξαδέρφη μου ήβρε τον αρραβωνιαστικό της που το fb. -.-
talk about lame. οϊ flirting τζιαι fucking.
i mean...what sane person finds the person they want to spend their "entire" life through a social networking website? dude, that's just wrong! excuse me for saying αλλά τούτό πιστέφκω.

I excuse you ρε Lucrezia, εν τζιαι διαφωνούμεν.

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