So my birthday is coming up soon. And I’m sure I’ll remember at least three (3) things to be depressed about. No, at least five (5). Maybe more. Probably. Anyway, while I was doing my last cigarette for the day around 6.30, I was thinking that I’m rather disappointed with my friends. Then I thought that I shouldn’t be nagging about it and I should be thankful enough. Is there a feeling such as ‘thankful enough’? Do most people have issues with their friends or is it just me? I hope they do actually. I mean if someone knows the specific situation you are into, and so knows the intensity of the need of company you have, how come they say ‘maybe some other time’, go on a day trip or not drink with you. Ungrateful, grumpy, moody, possessive. And lonely. That one without a doubt.
It just occured to me. I'm back in the game.*

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Πάντως εγώ έχω κάποια issues με τους φίλους μου...

Encouraging Moonlight...thanks

It's because they know the intensity that they try to avoid it.

I think it's a rare thing to have a friend that can really help you when you have the weight of loneliness on your back. I mean, those friends are the few rather than the many in this world.

Εν το είχα σκεφτεί έτσι.
So what? They can't deal with it? Why
Doesn't make me feel any better...maybe that's even worse actually.

Sometimes, feeling better or worse doen't mean shit.

You just go with it.

It's not one of those times. I think right now it does.

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