Today I injured myself while trying to save two parrots from the rain. The cage slipped from my hands and in an elaborate effort to catch it I found four of my fingers trapped inside. I never thought my fingers could fit in actually. Oh and I injured my right thigh too. My fingers hurt. And my palm is kind of numb. Just thought that if I was a guy I wouldn't be able to jerk off right now.
Then again if I was a guy I'd be hitting on some really nice women and I'd be having sex tonight.

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Μόνο οι άντρες ζαοθωρούν σε δηλαδή;

Τούτο μήπως πάει στο άλλο ποστ;
Εκτός αν εννοείς αν θα με ζαοθωρούσαν οι γεναίτζιες αν ήμουν άντρας...but naah, they wouldn't. I'd be a cool dude and have my ways... :)

hah, poor poor thing!

Moonlight was that about the sex or about my fingers...?

The Passenger είπε...

But you can't be a cool woman?

Or is it that Cypriot men don't like cool women?

I'm not sure what's up with Cypriot men yet. But from what I've got in my mind so far, most of them are usually intimidated.
But nah, I don't feel cool either. I think it's the island; and that couple thing I mentioned in yesterday's post.
Or maybe its the different definitions of coolness going around. Or maybe it's all of them, or none. I really don't know.

The Passenger είπε...

Do you intimidate men then?

Ermm I don't know. I guess I could come to that conclusion judging from a couple of things, but I really don't want to come to that conclusion cos then Ι'll fall into a certain stereotype that I have in mind. Τζιαι για να είμαι ειλικρινής ακόμα διερευνώ το θέμα τζιαι προσπαθώ να πιαστώ που κάτι αισιόδοξο.
Μα γιατί με ζορίζεις;

The Passenger είπε...

Επειδή αρέσκει μου κυρίως,τζιαι επειδή θέλω να δω if you can take it :)

Αλλά εκτός που τούτο πάντα ενδιαφέρει με να ακούω το πως βλέπουν οι γυναίκες τους άντρες - the more points of view the better.

Passenger, you intimidate me !
Keep it up :)

And yeah, I'm interested in hearing the other side too

Ανώνυμος είπε...

If you were a guy...well, can't you do that being a woman instead, on nice,no, no, rather good looking men? excuse my lack of manners alla o passenger ki esu,you guys are brainf...g, which is great and good for you!:)

THE FINGERS of course! Τα άλλα ούλλα σάζουνται! ;)

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