I'm tired. I feel like giving up but I'm sure there's something more to hope for. I feel unwanted. Unloved. And senseless. The only thing I sense is pain. Despair. Crying is overrated. There’s no point anymore. There’s nobody to calm me down and nobody to make me feel any better. No one to listen to and no one to talk to. Yes, now I’m invisible. I’m like a little girl people don’t see and stumble on while trying to catch a train on a hectic day. I just might not get thrown out this time. I just might throw him out. And I just might be fine with it. Or not.

My time’s up. I have to wait three more weeks. Will I make it? That is the question.

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ναιιιιιιιι!!!! dont you ever think positive?

So much strife re Drakoulina.

Νοιώθω σε.
Μια αγκαλίτσα από μένα.

Moonlight εν μου απάντησες στο email.
Oh and no. I've given up positive thinking. I'm trying booze these days.

P. Pardon my incoherent thinking but were you being ironic?

homo anisorropus, well...let's face it, I can't feel it. Thanks though.

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