Stupid little bastard. Right where I started.
People get attached to places more intensely than they get to other people. It makes makes me no good. Cos I aint a place. I aint a country, nor a city. But most of all, I aint Home. And if 'home is where your heart is' then I'm a just a heartless person far away from Home. That one. What makes me sadder is the objective truth that I'll never become Home. I'll just be 'the place where you have to be in order to have Home as the place to visit. The place you dont really want to invest in cos Home is your place. I want to be the Home. I want to stop having something to write about. I want to talk and I want to solve every little fucking details that's fucking me up. I want to write boring happy things. I want to get bored of happiness. I want to wake up with no nightmares mixed up with reality. I want to have the reality I'm supposed to have. This aint the contract I signed for. Stupid little bastard.

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